universe tire recycling SA Ltd.

universe tire recycling SA Ltd.

Scrap tires are a global thread not only in the Middle East. Some of the developed countries have already banned scrap tires from the landfills and a broad number of equipment and solutions to recycle them is available and under operation sometimes for decades. We have chosen the most advanced technologies, always considering the maximum benefit for the environment and at the same time for the investors and are currently developing major projects in Saudi Arabia as well as in Bahrain.

Scope of Project: Project Management, Business Development and Management
Headquarter: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia
Target market: Worldwide
Business: Granulation of used tires, Sales of Granulates
Signed Capital: 300,000 SR
Project Volume: 60,000,000 SR
Share: 25%
Website: Coming soon!


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23. Februar 2010