aRTEKO Middle-East – LED Manufacturing

aRTEKO Middle-East – LED Manufacturing

aRTEKO Engineering Middle-East, registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain with CR No. 67753, is a Foreign-Branch Office of aRTEKO, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and a unique company with a focus on sustainability. aRTEKO has recognized a growing need for efficient lighting and a need for that lighting to be inexpensive; aRTEKO has more than 5 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing LED products.

aRTEKO is a registered manufacture in Europe under the “WEEE” legislation with the registration no. DE84915749 for “B2B” and no. DE59810870 for “B2C” LED products.

aRTEKO has taken advantage of current technology, while planning for improved LEDs to be introduced to provide a maximum light output from the LEDs and has a design to incorporate Light Emitting Diodes (LED) in a manner unlike anyone has ever done to achieve inexpensive lighting systems, which require less than 1/3 of the energy to operate as opposed to current lighting systems and last up to 25 times longer. The design includes optimizing lighting conditions through the use of LED’s in conjunction with reflectors positioned at critical angles to direct light only where it is needed.

aRTEKO excels, where the competition is sluggish by recognizing that LED’s have a great potential to lead the lighting industry as efficient light sources for lighting. Implementation of LED’s lighting systems will provide a launch pad for new technology to develop an energy efficient environment with a focus on sustainability.

Continuous improvement allows aRTEKO to provide the most efficient and cost effective lighting solutions, with the most up to date technology. Another competitive advantage that aRTEKO enjoys is the ability to move quickly and adapt to changing markets to its relatively small size. Research will be continued to develop new and improved lighting products to allow for expansion into new market segments.

With energy prices on the rise, it is no question that private and commercial sectors will be looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and consequently their cost.

Customers of aRTEKO in Europe are i.e. Astra (Pharmaceuticals), Mercedes-Benz, Carlsberg Brewery, AIDA Cruises, Otto (Mail-order), TUI (Tourism), OBI (European Chain), Schindler (Lifts- and Elevators), Star/Orleen (Filling Stations) and Hoyer (Logistics) to name a few.

At the end of year 2010 aRTEKO has supplied the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Bahrain with its products to showcase energy efficiency and product quality. As of today no failure has been reported.

All aRTEKO Lighting products are guaranteed for 5 years to be free from defects in workmanship and materials provided the products are used on proper mains voltage supply, are installed correctly by qualified personnel and have not been subjected to misuse.

The growing and expanding market has given aRTEKO a strong outlook on future demand. Therefore aRTEKO plans to establish another product assembly and manufacturing facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to address Bahrain, and in a second step GCC markets.

The venture is first of its kind in the GCC and will put the Kingdom of Bahrain once more on the map as a leader and innovator in a new and forward-pointing market sector.

According to the Central Information Organization of Bahrain, lighting has an annual retail volume of about BHD 50 million for LED products and aRTEKO is targeting a market share of at least 5%. The company will sell directly to distributors with a suggested retail price to account for the distributor’s mark-up. Potential distributors have been identified.

Initially supply of LED products for e.g. new developments might be even less expensive, compared with items of similar design and performance and in case of replacement the sale price will provide the end user with a 3 to 5 year payback on average, based on energy and labour savings from the longer lifetime.

aRTEKO will sub contract some fabrication but will be responsible for placement of the LEDs and other electrical components, as well as the final assembly. It is planned to expand into secondary markets to head off any competition that may move into this market.

Employees and sub-contractors will be selected domestically where possible,
which will contribute positively to the local economy.

A cumulative of over 5 years of experience in related engineering practices of management, manufacturing, process improvements, product development, material testing, and software implementation have been amassed among the team leaders. The team brings a unique and diversified range of talents that aRTEKO will capitalize on, to provide the most competitive products on the market.


Scope of Project: Project Management, Business Development and Management
Headquarter: Hamburg, Germany
Target market: Middle-East
Business: Manufacturing/Assembly and Exclusive Distribution of aRTEKO LED lighting & lamps, Project Business
Signed Capital: 20,000 BHD
Project Volume: 500,000 BHD
Share: 50%



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24th February 2012