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webmaster <![CDATA[Soil – Can it be recycled?]]> http://cms.recycling-for-charity.com/?p=35 2009-03-01T10:28:11Z 2009-03-01T10:28:11Z Yes, you can
… You can recycle garden waste yourself at your own compost at home!

What can I recycle?

  • Leaves and flowers
  • Grass and weeds
  • Tree bark and pruned branches
  • Clippings and twigs
  • Home-grown fruit or vegetables

Please do not include any other items in your garden waste recycling, unless your local authority tells you that it’s ok.


webmaster <![CDATA[Bricks and building rubble – Can it be recycled?]]> http://cms.recycling-for-charity.com/?p=33 2009-03-01T10:26:15Z 2009-03-01T10:26:15Z No, but reused!

What can I do with it?

Sell it! Building materials are always in demand. Advertise in local papers or on community noticeboards. Alternatively, try a jumble or car boot sale. There are also online market places for building materials – check out the internet to find one near you.

Donate it! A community project near you may have a use for your building bits and pieces.

webmaster <![CDATA[Yoghurt pots – Can it be recycled?]]> http://cms.recycling-for-charity.com/?p=31 2009-03-01T10:20:28Z 2009-03-01T10:20:28Z Yes, you can … Deposite it at your nearest Recycling for Charity recycling centers.

What are they made from?

Yoghurt pots are made from polystyrene.

Why do some councils collect mixed plastics and others don’t?

Currently, there are limited reprocessing facilities that can deal with mixed plastics. However, this is beginning to improve and over the next year or so, more local authorities will start to collect mixed plastics from residents.

What else can I do?

  • As with all plastic containers, where possible keep them for storage.
  • You can also use them for filling with juice before freezing to make ice lollies!
  • Schools & playgroups may use them as craft materials.
  • They can be used in the garden as pots for seedlings or cane covers.
webmaster <![CDATA[Plastic bottles – Can it be recycled?]]> http://cms.recycling-for-charity.com/?p=30 2009-03-01T10:19:08Z 2009-03-01T10:19:08Z Yes, you can… More and more supermarkets are now accepting the Recycling for Charity plastic banks.

How should I recycle plastic bottles?

Plastic bottles should be cleaned if necessary and have their tops removed before being recycled. This is so that they can be crushed flat.Remeber to deposit the removed top as well!

webmaster <![CDATA[Carrier bags – Can it be recycled?]]> http://cms.recycling-for-charity.com/?p=29 2009-03-01T10:17:24Z 2009-03-01T10:17:24Z Yes, you can… Carrier bags can be deposited at your nearest Recycling for Charity recycling centers.

How do I recycle them?

Some supermarkets now offer our recycling banks for carrier bags.

Why not check out your local supermarket the next time you visit? The bins are normally located closed to the main entrance.

What else can I do with them?

Bags for life

Some supermarkets have ‘bag for life’ schemes. You buy one large, durable carrier bag which should last for a long time.

Avoid them!

Better still, take a canvas or string bag with you when you go shopping – they’re much stronger than carrier bags and won’t dig into your hands!

What are carrier bags made from?

Although carrier bags today use 70 % less plastic than they did 20 years ago, most are still made from polyethylene, a kind of plastic which is non-degradable. This kind of plastic takes a long time to break down, possibly up to four hundreds of years.

webmaster <![CDATA[Tinfoil – Can it be recycled?]]> http://cms.recycling-for-charity.com/?p=28 2009-03-01T10:15:45Z 2009-03-01T10:15:45Z Yes, you can… You can recycle foil at your nearest recycling bank.

How should I recycle foil?

  • Always wash your kitchen foil thoroughly before recycling.

As well as foil, you can also recycle these other aluminum items:

  • Milk bottle tops
  • Barbeque and freezing trays
  • Cigarette and tobacco foil
  • Screw top lids from wine bottles

The scrunch test

It’s important to note that items such as crisp packets are not made of aluminum foil (which is a thin sheet of metal) but of metallised plastic film, which is a plastic film coated with a sort of metallic ink. Therefore you should not include these with your aluminum recycling.

Do the scrunch test – scrunch an item you’re not sure about in your hand and, if it springs back, it’s not aluminum.


webmaster <![CDATA[Food Cans – can it be recycled?]]> http://cms.recycling-for-charity.com/?p=26 2009-03-01T10:14:03Z 2009-03-01T10:14:03Z Yes, you can … deposit it in any of our recycling banks in Bahrain.

How can I recycle food cans?
Give it a quick watch to remove any food remains.
no need to remove the labels, they are removed automatically in the recycling process.

Remember …
Animal food cans also can be recycled! its 100% steel and steel can be recycled forever with out loosing its quality.

webmaster <![CDATA[Drinking cans – Can it be recycled?]]> http://cms.recycling-for-charity.com/?p=25 2009-03-01T10:11:58Z 2009-03-01T10:11:58Z

Yes, you can … You can recycle drinking cans via your nearest Recycling for Charity recycling bank.

How should I recycle drinking cans?
Rinse the cans thoroughly before recycling.
Use a can crusher if you have access to one.

webmaster <![CDATA[Window glass – Can it be recycled?]]> http://cms.recycling-for-charity.com/?p=24 2009-03-01T10:10:31Z 2009-03-01T10:10:31Z Yes, you can! Many types of glass can be recycled via the Recycling for Charity bottle banks at your nearest local recycling centers.

How should I recycle glass?

  • Glass containers such as bottles and jars should be cleaned and any tops or corks removed before recycling.
  • When using bottle banks, put the glass in the correct bank for clear, green or brown glass. Blue glass goes in with green glass.
  • Only use bottle banks during the day – the sound of smashing bottles can make a real racket which disturbs people who live nearby!
  • Remember not to litter the area around the bottle bank with your empty bags and boxes.

You can’t recycle: window panes, light bulbs, glass ovenware or electrical equipment. Dispose of these carefully with your normal household waste.